Baby Chicken Soup

Baby Chicken Soup

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Ingredients for Making Baby Chicken Soup

On a 2 liter pan:

  1. Chicken (fresh fillet) 500 grams
  2. Carrot 1 piece (medium)
  3. Onions 1 piece (medium)
  4. Potato 2 pieces (medium)
  5. Dill 3-4 branches
  6. Parsley 3-4 branches
  7. Vermicelli "Spider Web" (stars, noodles, letters, numbers) 100-150 grams
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Laurel leaf to taste
  10. Purified water as needed
  11. Butter to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Potato, Onion, Carrot, Chicken
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Kitchen scale, Cutting board - 2 pieces, Kitchen knife - 2 pieces, Measuring cup, Deep bowl - 2 pieces, Paper kitchen towels, Skimmer, Deep pan with a lid (capacity 2 liters), Deep plate, Ladle

Cooking baby chicken soup:

Step 1: select and prepare the chicken.

For baby chicken soup you need good quality meat. The ideal option is to buy a domestic broiler bird from a reliable person. If this is not possible, then a store chicken will do, as in this recipe. We will use fresh fillet, first we wash it, put it in a deep bowl and soak in ordinary running water on 2-3 hours. Thus, get rid of steroids and formalinwith which the bird is crammed.

Step 2: Cook the broth.

Then we wash the chicken fillet again, dry it with paper towels, put it on a cutting board and cut it into 2-4 large pieces. We send them to a 2-liter saucepan, pour purified water, so that only covers the meat, and set to cook. After boiling, pour the liquid and pour in a new one, only this time more, about 1 liter of 300-500 milliliters, the proportions depend on how much thick soup you want to get in the end.
Again we put the saucepan on medium heat and, as soon as the water starts bubbling, reduce it to a level between the smallest and medium. Cook the broth until the meat is ready, in our case 30-35 minutes.

Step 3: prepare vegetables and herbs.

While the chicken is being cooked, peel potatoes, carrots and onions with a sharp kitchen knife. Then we wash them together with herbs, dry, put them on a cutting board in turn and proceed to further preparation. Cut the potatoes into small cubes of 1.5-2 centimeters in size, send them to a bowl of water and leave them there until use so that they do not darken. This product is an excellent source of vitamin C, amino acids and mineral salts.

We chop carrots rich in fiber, carotene and nicotinic acid on a medium or fine grater, and chop the onion, saturated with vitamins E, PP and group B, into 1 centimeter cubes.

Dill with parsley is very finely chopped, this greens will not only give the dish a pleasant aroma, but also fill your child’s body with potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, folic acid, beta-carotene, as well as an essential set of vitamins that can be used to make legends.
After that, put on the kitchen table the remaining products that will be needed to make the soup, and check how the chicken is doing there.

Step 4: bring the dish to full readiness.

If the meat is ready, use the slotted spoon to transfer it to a clean deep plate and allow it to cool completely near the ajar window. Meanwhile, pour water from the potatoes, send it to the broth along with onions and carrots and cook the vegetables over medium heat 15 minutesstirring occasionally.

Then we lay out the almost cooled fillet on a clean cutting board, cut it into small cubes or disassemble it into fibers and after the right time put it in a pan along with small pasta. Add salt, laurel leaf to the soup to taste and cook it 5 minutes. After that, we season the hot dish with dill, parsley and butter. We stand it on the stove yet 2 minutes and remove from heat. We cover the saucepan with a lid and let it brew a delicious meal 5-7 minutes.

Step 5: serve the baby chicken soup.

Children's chicken soup is served warm. Serving depends on the age of the child and his ability to assimilate large pieces of food. If from 1.5 to 2 years, it is better to wipe all the components of the soup through a sieve with a fine mesh or just knead with a table fork.

Is a small miracle already 3-3.5 years old? Then everything is simple, pour the finished dish on a plate and begin to persuade the baby to try the "magic yummy" that all animals, birds and, of course, people love! Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- do not overdo it with spices, especially if you give the child a soup for the first time, some ingredients can cause allergies, and vegetables already contain a sufficient amount of salt, you should not accustom your beloved baby doll to its excess from an early age;

- an excellent substitute for pasta - rice or buckwheat, they boil no more than 10 minutes;

- for cooking the broth, you can use any other soft parts of the chicken: thighs or lower legs without skin and excess fat;

- if you use domestic chicken, make sure that it is fresh at the time of purchase. Basically, such a bird is sold with offal: kidneys, liver, lungs and heart. The color of muscle tissue should be pale pink, the skin is dry, and the smell is fresh. If there are yellow hard scales on the paws - the bird is old, it is better not to take it. It is also worth putting a finger on a soft section of meat. Are the muscles sluggish and a dent left? It’s definitely not worth buying such a product!