Kindergarten sandwich

Kindergarten sandwich

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Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sandwich "for kindergarten":

Toast the bread is toasted, greased with butter, then put the salad, cheese, cucumbers and a lettuce leaf.

Separation criteria for re-enrollments in kindergarten 2021-2022

The specific tie-breaking criteria will be applied only after the general ones have been exhausted. They cannot be discriminatory and cannot include pre-enrollment lists, organized outside the pre-school enrollment calendar for 2021-2022.

In order to ensure the transparency of the re-enrollment / enrollment process, the managements of the pre-school educational units will also post the following information on the website of the educational unit / CSI and, in plain sight, for all those interested:

  • capacity of the institution (number of copies for which it was designed)
  • number of places approved by the schooling plan for the school year 2021 & # 8211 2022 (by age groups: small, medium, large)
  • general criteria and specific criteria for enrolling children.

We mention that the private preschool education units will also display information on the status of the respective kindergarten: authorized to operate provisionally or accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-University Education (ARACIP).

Here are the general tie-breaking criteria for kindergarten re-enrollments:

  • the existence of a document proving that he is orphaned by both parents (the situation of the child coming from a children's home / a placement center / family placement is assimilated to the situation of the child orphaned by both parents)
  • a document proving that he is orphaned by a single parent
  • of a brother / sister enrolled in the following school year in that school
  • a medical document issued by the specialist doctor / certificate of school and professional orientation / certificate of employment of the child.

In order to solve the different situations related to re-enrollment / enrollment in preschool education units, ISJ / ISMB will advise and support parents to make decisions in the best interests of the child, according to the legislation in force. The school inspectorates will ensure that the necessary organizational and logistical conditions are met in each preschool unit or with groups of preschoolers.

Healthy and tasty sandwich ideas for school and kindergarten

What is the main snack of all the children who go to school or kindergarten? The sandwich, of course. The sandwich is a favorite snack for children because it is tasty, but also for adults because it is full. But not infrequently it happens that he is not healthy. Depending on the ingredients of the sandwich, it may or may not be nutritious. Prolonged consumption of sausages can cause serious imbalances in the child's body and so the sandwich can be compared to junk food!

What a sandwich needs to be healthy

First, a healthy sandwich starts with the slices of bread used. White bread and toast have dangerous ingredients in their composition, while black bread, graham and seed bread will prove to be a much healthier choice. The sandwich is a practical choice for the kindergarten or school package and using healthy ingredients, both children and parents are very satisfied.

What does a sandwich healthy? A sandwich made of black or seed bread, rye or wasa bread with butter, telemea cheese, chicken or turkey ham, tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced ​​peppers. Also, the sandwich can contain baked meatballs on parchment paper with very little oil and garlic but also grilled meat made at home on the grill, slices, even omelette or a fried egg in a non-stick pan with very little oil.

Other healthy and very filling, but not least tasty sandwich ideas include the avocado and boiled egg sandwich with hummus and vegetable slices, turkey breast and a salad leaf with peanut butter and banana. . There is, of course, the variant of tuna sandwiches, but they have a specific smell and are not recommended for the children's package. Instead, the sandwich with homemade pate, with butter and jam but also with egg and vegetables will prove to be a much healthier choice. In choosing the package for school and kindergarten, the parent must take into account the preferences and desires of the child.

Healthy food for children

In order to know how to take care of them, children must be taught from an early age how to feed themselves. At first it is more difficult, because they are not used to various flavors, tastes. But if you know how to combine foods, then surely later you will not encounter problems. First of all, purees are ideal for babies. Here are some examples:

Of apples. Put 2 peeled and sliced ​​apples on the fire with 2 tablespoons of water for 10 minutes, and leave them for 10 minutes, then pass them through a blender.
The broccoli. Steam the broccoli bunches for about 8 minutes, and then mix them with 2 tablespoons of water, until they get a creamy texture.
The carrots. Boil 2 carrots, then blend with 2 tablespoons of water.
The pear. Keep 2 pears on the fire with 2 tablespoons of water for about 20 minutes. Then mix them well.
The pumpkin. After peeling the pumpkin and seeds, cut it larger and steam it for 12 minutes. Then pass it through the mixer.
The zucchini. It must be steamed for about 7 minutes.

Flavor combinations
Have you prepared the puree base? Here are the combinations you can make:
- apple and pear: 2 tablespoons apple puree + 1 tablespoon pear puree
- carrot, apple and broccoli: 2 tablespoons carrot puree + 1 tablespoon apple puree + 1 tablespoon broccoli puree
- pumpkin and carrots: 2 tablespoons pumpkin puree + 1 tablespoon carrot puree
- zucchini, apple and carrot: 2 tablespoons zucchini puree + 1 tablespoon apple puree + 1 tablespoon carrot puree.

How to store puree
The best way to store the puree is to put it in an ice form. Fill each space with puree, press lightly to remove air bubbles, then place the container in a tightly closed bag and put in the ice cream. Once frozen, take out the mashed cubes and put them in a tightly closed bag. Thus, each time you will take from the fridge as much as you need.

5 snacks for small children
With age, the children's diet must be diversified. If you're out of ideas, here's what you could prepare:
- mini brioche. They are ideal as small snacks, when we don't have time to eat, for the little ones' kindergarten / school packages. Try: muffins with pears and walnuts, carrots and zucchini, etc.
- patisserie. From fish, chicken and beef you can prepare some delicious pies.
- pancakes. Warm, fluffy and easy to make, they are a snack that many of us dream of. They are absolutely delicious with banana, various jams, etc.
- smoothie. Mix well in a blender yogurt, fresh juice and milk.
- fruit bread. From bananas, raisins and other fruits given through a blender you can prepare some tasty and nutritious breads.

Package for school
Don't know what else to entice your child to eat the package you put in his bag every morning, before leaving for school? Maybe it's not about the ingredients, it's about the presentation. For example, instead of the ordinary shape of a sandwich, you could try to cut the bread with a special slice. The package in the shape of a heart or flower seems to be tastier, but certainly more attractive.

We all know that ham leaves a little more water. So that the bread does not soften because of this, wrap the slices of ham in lettuce sheets, then put them in the bread. If you don't have lettuce around the house, then grease the bread with a little butter before preparing the package.

Here are some ideas tasty sandwiches:
- tuna, ricotta cheese, corn kernels and cheese
- fried chicken, avocado and mayonnaise
- hummus (crushed chickpeas, lemon juice, oil) and fried vegetables
- ham, cheese and cream from corn kernels
- ham, avocado and lettuce
- beef, pickles and lettuce
- cream cheese, tuna, cucumber and carrot
- avocado, tomatoes and green beans
- banana and honey
- eggs, mayonnaise and green salad.

Reasons for a better breakfast

The best time to look at our breakfast habits is at the beginning of the school year. In fact, it seems that September has been called "the month of a better breakfast." Studies have shown that adults and children who eat a hearty breakfast do better at school and at work than those who skip this meal. In contrast, those who do not eat breakfast get tired much faster, are more nervous and have a slower reaction rate than those who eat breakfast. And, in terms of school children learning in the morning, given that most of their intellectual activity during the day takes place until noon, and for them breakfast is very important.

There are many reasons to skip breakfast. The most common are "I don't have time," "I can't eat something so early in the morning," or "I don't eat breakfast because I'm trying to lose weight."

Most of these are just unfounded excuses. Breakfast can be taken very quickly. It can be simple or elaborate, cooked or, it can be eaten at the table, with the family, or even on the road, it can be high in calories or dietary. The only very important thing is to have breakfast as part of your daily routine.

At breakfast you can eat almost anything, from what you have left from yesterday's dinner to a sandwich with ham and cheese or cereal with milk. For those in a hurry, a shake made in a blender, with yogurt, milk, fruit juice or even ice cream, can be very nutritious. Also some quick dishes are cereals with milk or simple sandwiches. If you include milk in your breakfast you will have energy for the rest of the day. You can also use fruit salads, yogurts, boiled eggs for an easy and quick breakfast. When planning your breakfast, it's a good idea to include the "bread-fruit-milk" combination - the main ingredients of a nutritious breakfast.

Another reason people skip breakfast is because they want to lose weight. If your classic breakfast is made up of a few donuts and coffee with a lot of sugar, indeed, you have reason to worry about the amount of calories. However, this is not a reason to skip this meal. Instead, it is good to choose certain products that are nutritious, but low in calories. For example, if you choose a glass of skim milk, a bowl of plain cereal and toast, you will not consume more than 250 calories. Instead, the amount of protein, vitamins and minerals is enough to help you fight morning fatigue and appetite until noon.

In short, a nutritious breakfast doesn't have to be full of calories, but it does have to be the way you start your day.

Kindergarten celebration idea

I am writing this article because it can be a source of inspiration for educators who may run out of ideas when they want to organize a celebration.

On June 1, at my son's kindergarten, the teacher organized an event a little different. The protagonists were us, the parents.

Costumes with fairy tale characters were rented, but not for children, but for parents. Without the little ones seeing, we dressed up in various characters: Cinderella, Snow White, The Enchanted Prince, The Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, The Fooled Bear, The Good Fairy, etc. Each character had a poem with two stanzas about the character they represent. Standing hidden behind a curtain, each parent read the poem, and the child had to guess the voice of his mother / father. Immediately after the child guessed, the parent came out from behind the curtain.

Of course, all the children recognized their parents and had a lot of fun when they saw their parents dressed up. Later, I was left with the wolf costume. And I had the following poem:

I think you know me well:
I'm the famous wolf
Both the kids and the hood
You know I swallowed them.

Nobody loves me anymore
That I'm greedy and coat
What do you want, it doesn't suit me
If I don't have a full stomach.

After the # & # 8220representationsâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; two more competitions took place: the parent teamed up with the child. In the first competition, the parent held a spoon with a ball in one hand and with the child in his hand he had to walk about 10 meters, bypass a chair and return to the starting line. In the second, the parent and the child had to do the same route with a ball between them, without holding it with their hand. It was a lot of fun. We won the second contest. What surprised me was that despite the fact that my son doesn't like to lose at all, he wasn't upset that I lost in the first contest, he even had a lot of fun.

Then the children received muffins and a helium balloon that they played with at home all day.

It was an interesting idea, which I have never met before at celebrations. It can be used even by 8 Maritie. The important thing is that both the children and the parents felt good.

What is the legislation

There are 2 normative acts from 2008 - a law and an order, as follows:

  • LAW NO. 123 of May 27, 2008, for a healthy diet in pre-university education units
  • ORDER No. 1563 of September 12, 2008, for the approval of the List of foods not recommended for preschoolers and schoolchildren and the principles underlying a healthy diet for children and adolescents

You can find both documents in full here, they are not very thick, I advise you to read them, to be informed in the event of a discussion.

Criteria that I take into account in choosing the kindergarten

Our choices are based on the sum of lived experiences, on the information accumulated over time. With this baggage of experiences and information we set off in search of a kindergarten for our little girl. Today he is 2 years and 7 months old. In Luxembourg he was still in the community, but he attended a nursery only 3-4 hours on [& hellip] Read more & # 8230

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Snack ideas between meals for children

After the age of 1, most children have 3 main meals and 3 snacks a day. But when you want to give your child a healthy, diverse diet that is still to his liking, you may encounter some problems. Here are some ideas that might get you out of the deadlock.

Cheese is a healthy snack, full of protein and loved by many children. You can opt for the classic cheese cubes taken in a package, you can cut it into funny shapes with the help of cookie shapes, you can make skewers in which to associate it with your little one's favorite vegetables or fruits. If you have the time and mood, you can melt it and create small & bdquosateliti & rdquo of cheese on top of some sesame breadcrumbs.

Peanut butter it is not traditionally part of the children's menu in Romania. But it is also available in our supermarkets and has some health benefits, being rich in healthy fats. In addition, peanut butter contains protein, fiber and carbohydrates. You can prepare a simple sandwich with bread, you can replace the bread with waffles or expanded rice discs. Another idea liked by children is to mix it with yogurt and raspberries and put it in the freezer, getting a cool snack.

Homemade mini cakes. Probably the easiest home-made sweets are muffins. You don't have to make them sweet or fill them with jams and chocolate cream. There are countless recipes for delicious savory muffins with fruit (bananas and oranges go perfectly), with zucchini, broccoli or carrots. Homemade cookie recipes

Chips made in the oven. We know, when you hear about chips, the thought leads you to junk food, not healthy food. But you can try to cut the potatoes into very thin slices, grease them with a drop of olive oil and add various ground aromatic herbs.

yogurt It is an excellent source of calcium and protein. If the little one is bored with plain yogurt, you can mix it with fruit and possibly with a drop of honey. Or you can put the fruit yogurt in the freezer, thus obtaining a wonderful & bdquoinghita de bat & rdquo. Read more here about the importance of dairy in children

eggs They are a very rich source of protein. A boiled egg gives a 4-year-old child a third of his daily protein requirement. When the child wants a snack, you can quickly offer him a hard-boiled egg kept on the refrigerator door. It is said that the hard boiled egg lasts in the fridge for 7 days without problems. To avoid any problems, consume it in the next 2 days maximum.

Sweet potatoes they are very rich in vitamin A, B6 and C and folic acid. You can make them in the oven, like normal potato chips. Delicious sweet potatoes and incomparably healthier than the greasy alternative in the store.

Humus he is loved by children. You can make it quickly in your favorite chickpea house and it is a wonderful source of iron. In addition, you can serve it not on bread, but with pieces of fresh vegetables. Reteta humus

fruit they are the healthiest snack. Apples, pears, bananas, peaches, apricots can be packaged and eaten on a bench near the playground. Oranges, cherries, pineapples are alternatives at hand at home.

Fruit compote is also loved by children, although less rich in vitamins and full of carbohydrates. You can make unsweetened compote with more fruit, which is a wonderful snack for the little one.

Smoothiesites they are both delicious and healthy. A mixture of drinking yogurt, portico juice and a banana is to the taste of most children. For extra flavor and vitamins, you can add various fruits and vegetables to this base.

What snacks do you offer your child? What is your favorite recipe?

What documents do we need to enroll in kindergarten?

The fever of searching and enrolling in kindergarten began, and with it the dozens of questions from mothers. Which kindergarten to choose? What documents need to be prepared? When do you get the right kindergarten and when does the child start attending the chosen institution? We tried to find out this information from the Ministry of Education.


The enrollment of children in kindergartens is usually done in June-August or, in special situations, during the school year, within the limit of available places. No registration fees are charged for enrolling children in state kindergartens. Discrimination on the basis of any criterion is prohibited when enrolling children. The year of learning is beginning on September 1st.

The enrollment of children in general preschools takes place from the age of 3, depending on the places available.

The children are received in the preschool institution by its principal on the basis of the following documents:

  • & Issuance issued by the district / municipal education department or local public administration
  • application
  • birth certificate
  • excerpt from the child's developmental history with conclusions about his health
  • certificate of contact with contagious diseases
  • the decision of the medical-psycho-pedagogical consultation.

After contacting by phone the managers of 5 kindergartens, we found that the last two documents are not required, being valid for the primary school.

The correction issued by the learning department can be obtained during May, and the period in which the child begins to attend kindergarten already depends on each preschool institution.

If the kindergarten operates without a holiday and they have places available starting in June, then the children can start attending right from this period.

If the kindergarten is on vacation or will not be active for a while, then the child will immediately start attending the preschool institution and will resume the activity.

If the child needs to adapt, then the kindergarten principal and the parents will agree that he / she will attend before September 1st. This period is a maximum of 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, from this year, parents can no longer choose the kindergarten they want to take their foot to. The Learning Department provides guidance on the residence visa and only on the limit of available places.

According to the same regulation, specified above, the number of children in the nursery group (up to 3 years old) must not exceed 15, and in the groups with children aged 3-7 years this number must not exceed 20 & ndash 25. With Unfortunately, this number is much higher & icircn reality. Last year, in September, in most state kindergartens in Chisinau, groups of 3-4 years old were attended by at least 30 children, and in some there were even 40 children.

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