Twitter Reacts to Illustrated Shopping List Woman Sent to Store With Her Husband

Twitter Reacts to Illustrated Shopping List Woman Sent to Store With Her Husband

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Men and women everywhere love the foolproof instructions

Lucky Business / shutterstock.com

Let’s face it: when we send our significant others to the store, they don’t always come back with what we asked for. That’s why one woman in India gave her husband a meticulous bulleted list complete with illustrations of exactly what she wanted. 23, Era Londhe posted a photo of her shopping instructions to Twitter. It is now trending with 1,600 likes and over 400 retweets.

“You did a great job. Couldn’t have been [a] better guide to buy vegetables,” wrote @iSHIRAZONLY. @MohitRajabhoj added, “This should be the preface of all cookbooks.”

Some women weighed in on how they plan to implement similar practices with their own husbands, leaving nothing to chance. “You are on fire woman. Good job. Now my husband wants me to do the same for every list I give him,” tweeted @simmpu.

Then, people had some questions. Why did Londhe want yellow tomatoes? So, she released a sequel to her first tweet in the form of an answer key. “Yellow tomatoes last longer — three to four days,” she wrote. Additionally, there were explanations for the desired appearance of onions, methi (known in the U.S. as fenugreek), bhindi (okra), and mirchi (chile pepper).

Other than making a list and checking it twice, here are 14 brilliant tips to save money at the grocery store.

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