Mashed potato pancakes

Mashed potato pancakes

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Ingredients for making mashed potato pancakes

  1. Large potato 5 pieces
  2. 1 medium carrot
  3. 1 medium onion
  4. Fresh champignons 100 grams
  5. Hard cheese 100 grams
  6. Chicken egg 1 piece
  7. Wheat flour 1/2 cup
  8. Salt 1 teaspoon
  9. Vegetable oil 5 tablespoons
  • Main ingredients Potato, Mushrooms, Flour
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World Cuisine


A tablespoon, a teaspoon, a stove, a wooden spatula, a serving dish, a middle pan with a lid, a vegetable cutter, a masher of potatoes, a frying pan - 2 pieces, a medium grater, a plate - 4 pieces, a medium bowl, slotted spoon, cling film, small bowl

Cooking mashed potato pancakes:

Step 1: prepare the potatoes.

Using a vegetable slicer, peel the potatoes and rinse thoroughly under running warm water. We spread the tubers on a cutting board and cut into medium slices.
The crushed components are transferred to a medium pan and filled with ordinary cold liquid from the tap so that it completely covers the vegetables. We put the container on a big fire and cover it with a lid. Attention: when water boils, foam forms on its surface. Be sure to remove it with a slotted spoon and throw it into the sink. Boil the potatoes for 30 minutes until ready. Then we turn off the burner and, holding the pan with a slightly open lid with the help of kitchen tacks, drain the liquid into the sink.

Grind slices of potatoes with a pusher to a state of mashed potatoes and for now leave aside. Let the mass cool to room temperature.

Step 2: prepare the champignons.

The mushrooms are thoroughly washed under running warm water, shake off excess liquid and put on a cutting board. If necessary, with the help of a knife we ​​remove damaged places on hats and legs. Then chop the mushrooms in pieces and pour into a clean plate.

Step 3: prepare the carrots.

Using a vegetable cutter, peel the carrots from the peel and then rinse thoroughly under running water. We spread the vegetable on a cutting board and rub with a medium grater until the state of the chips. Pour the crushed component into a free plate.

Step 4: prepare the onions.

Using a knife, peel the onion from the husk and rinse thoroughly under running warm water. Next, lay out the component on a cutting board and finely chop into cubes. Pour the chopped onion into a clean plate and leave it aside for a while.

Step 5: prepare hard cheese.

Grind hard cheese on a medium grater directly on a cutting board. Then we pour the chips into a free plate and wrap them with cling film so that the component does not wind off while we finish preparing the filling for the dish.

Step 6: prepare the filling for the dish.

Pour into the pan 3 tablespoons vegetable oil and put on medium heat. When the contents in the container heat up well, put the chopped carrots and onions here. From time to time, stirring with a wooden spatula, fry the components until a soft golden color.

Immediately after this, add the crushed champignons to the container and continue to cook the filling. Attention: do not forget to sometimes stir with improvised inventory so that the components do not burn. When everything is ready, turn off the burner, and pour the contents of the pan into a small bowl and leave it aside for a while. Let it cool to a warm state.

At the end, pour grated hard cheese here and mix everything thoroughly with a tablespoon until smooth. Everything, the filling is ready!

Step 7: prepare mashed potato pancakes.

Add the egg, salt and flour to the cooled mashed potato. In this case, in parallel, we intensively mix everything with a tablespoon until a homogeneous mass without lumps is formed.

Pour the remaining vegetable oil into the pan and put on medium heat. When it warms up well, put one full tablespoon of potato dough into the container. Using a teaspoon, gently place the filling on top. And so that it does not fall to the bottom of the pan, immediately cover it with a small amount of dough. Fry the pancakes first from one side to a golden crust, and then turn over with a wooden spatula to the other and cook for as many minutes. To fix the shape of the dish, we lean the patties on the walls of the pan and fry on all sides from the side (along the seam). We put the finished pancakes in a special plate for serving, and instead of them we place the next portion in the pan. We cook everything until the potato dough with the filling is over. At the end, turn off the burner and start serving the dining table.

Step 8: serve mashed potato pancakes.

Ready-made, still hot potato pancakes are served at the dinner table as the main course along with sour cream. How delicious and satisfying they are! Help yourself!
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- before serving draniki, you can sprinkle with finely chopped parsley;

- the dish can be prepared with any filling or without it at all. For example, I often replace mushrooms with fried minced meat or boiled eggs with dill;

- potato pancakes can be formed with wet hands (so that the dough does not stick), and only then put in a pan with hot vegetable oil.