Melon and Oranges Jam

Melon and Oranges Jam

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Ingredients for Making Melon and Oranges Jam

  1. Fresh melon 2 kilograms
  2. Medium Orange 2 pieces
  3. Sugar 2.5 kilograms
  4. Pure water 3 cups
  • Main ingredients: Melon, Orange, Sugar
  • Serving 10 Servings


A glass, a cutting board, a stove, a large bowl, a kitchen knife, a tablespoon, a wooden spatula, a refrigerator, an enameled small pot, kitchen potholders, a cloth towel - 3 pieces, a deep plate, saucer or plate, kitchen tongs, a large enameled bowl or pan , warm blanket, deep bowl for serving, half-liter glass jars - 3-4 pieces, metal twisting lids for cans, large pan, clothespins, kitchen sponge, dishwashing detergent, scoop

Making jam from melon and oranges:

Step 1: prepare the melon.

We wash the melon under running warm water and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, we cut the component in half and from each part, using a tablespoon, remove the seeds and fibers.

Now peel the melon and cut into small cubes. The chopped component is transferred to a large bowl and sprinkled 500 grams of sugar. Gently mix everything with improvised inventory and leave aside for 2 hours. Attention: it is desirable that it be a cool place, for example, a refrigerator. This must be done so that a sufficient amount of juice is released from the melon.

Step 2: prepare the syrup.

Pour the remaining sugar into an enameled small saucepan and pour it with clean water. We put the container on medium heat and, occasionally stirring with a wooden spatula, bring the contents to a boil. Immediately after that we fasten the burner and cook the syrup for a few more minutes until all the sugar has dissolved. In the end, with the help of the kitchen tack, set the pan aside. Attention: the burner can be turned off, since it is not yet useful to us.

Step 3: make jam from melon and oranges - the first step.

We take out a bowl of melon pieces from the refrigerator and immediately fill it with hot syrup. Using a wooden spatula, mix everything thoroughly and leave for a day to insist on the side. Important: so that insects or any dirt and food do not get into the mass, we cover the container with a cloth towel, and fasten the edges of the bowl with clothespins so that the canvas does not come in contact with pieces of melon and syrup.

After the allotted time, carefully pour the syrup back into the enameled saucepan and put on medium heat. Let the liquid boil again. Immediately after that, once again pour melon cubes with this syrup and again leave aside to insist for 10 hours. Attention: Do not forget to cover the bowl with a cloth towel.

Step 4: prepare the oranges.

30-60 minutes before the end of the time allotted for tincture, we begin to prepare oranges. To do this, first we thoroughly rinse them under running warm water. Then we lay out the components on a cutting board and with a knife we ​​peel. Separate each slice from each other and peel the skin and pits. If necessary, cut the citrus into small pieces and transfer to a deep plate.

Step 5: sterilize glass jars with lids.

To prevent our jam from exploding at the most inopportune moment, we must sterilize jars with lids. To do this, first we thoroughly rinse them under running hot water. A kitchen sponge and detergent for dishes will come to our aid. We perform this procedure until you hear a creak if you run wet fingers on the glass jars. Immediately after, we shift the cans with the lids upside down on a clean cloth towel, with which we previously laid the kitchen table.

Now we pour ordinary cold water into a large pot so that it half-covers the container, and put on a large fire. When the liquid begins to boil, we fasten the burner and proceed to sterilize the jars with lids. We put another clean cloth towel in the pan and tamp with special forceps. This must be done so that banks do not fight against each other. Now put the container here and boil it for 7-10 minutes. After the allotted time, we take out the cans using kitchen tongs and move upside down on a cloth towel, which is located on the table. Then we put the covers in hot water and sterilize them the same time as the glass.

After the allotted minutes, turn off the burner, and get the contents of the container from here and place it on the table too.

Step 6: make jam from melon and oranges - the second stage.

When the melon is infused for the second time in syrup, now we begin to cook it with slices of oranges. So, pour the contents of the bowl into a large enameled pan and add the chopped citruses to the vessel. We put the container on medium heat and, occasionally stirring with a wooden spatula, bring the mass to a boil. Immediately after that, we fasten the burner and cook the jam until the melon cubes become soft and transparent. Then check the degree of readiness of the sweet mass. To do this, using a clean, dry tablespoon, we collect a little jam and pour it on a flat plate or saucer. If it does not spread quickly on a flat surface, then the jam is ready and you can turn off the burner. If not, then you should extend the cooking time by another 5-10 minutes.

Now, with the help of a scoop, pour the hot jam into sterilized jars and tightly tighten the metal lids. We put it upside down in some secluded place and wrap it in a warm blanket. When the jam becomes room temperature, we shift the jars into the pantry or any other place where there is no direct sunlight.

Step 7: serve melon and oranges jam.

In fact, after cooking, the jam is ready and you can serve it to the dessert table (which we usually do). But to all lovers of sweets who want to feel the aroma of summer in the cold season, I advise you to restrain yourself and open it at the right time. When the time comes, we take a jar of jam from the pantry, open it and put it with a tablespoon into a deep bowl. We serve the sweet mass to the dessert table along with tea, coffee, as well as pieces of bread or toast, on which you can spread it and just get maximum pleasure. After all, jam is not only very tasty, but also fragrant!
Bon appetit to all!

Recipe Tips:

- for the preparation of jam, you can use any (watery, unsweetened) melon, the main thing is that it is ripe. In any case, it will give an unforgettable aroma, and during cooking it will turn into a practically jelly-like jam;

- this jam can be added to various pastries, for example, in the form of a filling for pies, pies, pastries, cakes and much more;

- to make the jam sweeter, juicy ripe oranges must be added to it. Best of all are Egyptian citruses. They go almost without acidity.