Cabbage with smoked ciolan and pork

Cabbage with smoked ciolan and pork

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Heat a little oil in the pan, add the ciolanule, add the seasoned meat with salt and pepper, when it browns, add the hot paprika, the thyme and the finely chopped onion, mix and leave until the onion is soft. Meanwhile, cut the cabbage, rub it with salt, leave it for a while, then put a thick layer of cabbage, meat, cabbage over this 1l of water and let it boil. When it boils, season it with salt, pepper, cumin and when it is ready, dilute the tomato paste in water, mix it, leave it for another 5 minutes, then fry it with 2 beaten eggs well with sour cream and so as not to risk cheese, add a polish of cabbage juice reach the same temperature, put it on, turn off the heat, mix and press the finely chopped parsley.

Good appetite!

Cabbage smoked with cabbage, as in the past

As winter comes, I feel like sauerkraut with pork ribs or smoked chicken. In the summer I would not eat such fatty dishes. I wouldn't even cook them, because summer is the season of the sea and the mountains, of walks and terraces. Who wants to spend two hours in the kitchen, cooking quality cabbage? I know I promised quick and healthy recipes, but this one is the exception for the days when you don't feel like counting your calories and fats. In the following, I used my mother's sauerkraut and smoked pork ribs from the store. If you have a place and you know how, you can smoke meat at home. I restrain myself. However, this is an old recipe, learned from my mother and grandmother. Try it with confidence, it comes out as it used to!

I took a medium-sized sauerkraut:

I cut it in four, took out its center and cut it into pieces, as in the picture:

After chopping it, I put the cabbage in cold water and left it to dry until I finished preparing the smoked ribs. It seems that if you keep it in hot water it desalts much faster. I didn't know when I cooked what you see here, so I kept it in cold water.

Cut the cabbage and put it in the water

It can be used as it comes from the barrel, but it is too salty for my taste. If you cook more unsalted, it would be better to keep it in the water overnight, so that all the salt comes out of it.

Then I took the pork ribs, rinsed them a little in cold water and cut them. Some people say that you don't have to wash the meat, but sometimes it seems to me that it is necessary.

Smoked pork ribs & # 8211 a treat!

It is very easy to cut if you have a very sharp knife and follow the intervals between the bones.

I heated two tablespoons of oil in a pan and browned the pieces of meat a little. You should not keep them on the fire for more than 2-3 minutes on each side, because they will boil with the cabbage for a long time anyway. If you want a food with fewer calories, you can not brown them at all. I didn't want healthy food. This time I wanted the golden crust. .

Be careful in the pan, as the oil tends to jump in all directions when you put the meat. Get ready to wash the kitchen after you finish cooking. I assure you that everything becomes a disaster in the first hot drops, then slippery. A few drops of hot oil also jumped on my hand. I took the picture, but I better not show it to you, because your appetite is cut.

After you have finished roasting the meat, set it aside:

As long as I don't have anything to eat, that's how good they were!

Remove the cabbage from the water and squeeze it well.

Put two tablespoons of oil in a pot, then place a layer of chopped cabbage, one of meat, another l of cabbage, and so on until the cabbage and meat are finished. Add a tablespoon of black peppercorns, two bay leaves and two cups of water.

Cabbage with smoked ribs, ready to put on the fire

Cover the pot and keep it on low heat for about an hour. Stir from time to time. If it drops too much, add more water.

Add a cup of tomato juice, and leave the pot uncovered to reduce the juice. If you want, you can add a teaspoon or two of paprika.

Do you feel how nice the cabbage smells?

Leave it on the fire for another quarter of an hour, stirring often, so that it does not stick.

This is what it looks like when it's ready!

The smoked cabbage is good and hot, but it wouldn't be bad to leave it for about 10-15 minutes before serving, so that the guests don't get burnt.

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