Horseradish Vinegar

Horseradish Vinegar

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Ingredients for Cooking Horseradish Vinegar

  1. Fresh tomatoes 1 kilogram
  2. Medium-sized horseradish root 1 piece
  3. Large garlic 1 head
  4. Salt 1 tablespoon
  5. Sugar 2 tablespoons
  6. Table vinegar 6% 2 tablespoons
  • Main ingredients: Tomato, Horseradish, Garlic
  • Serving 10 Servings
  • World Cuisine


Cutting board, knife, tablespoon, blender, plate - 2 pieces, a medium bowl, a glass liter jar - 1-2 pieces, a twisting metal lid, a refrigerator, a deep serving bowl, a large bowl, a cloth towel, a kitchen sponge, detergent for dishes, scoop

Cooking horseradish with vinegar:

Step 1: prepare jars with lids.

So that our sauce is not sour and can be stored for a long time, it is necessary to prepare a container for it. A detergent with a kitchen sponge will help us with this. We rinse the cans thoroughly under running water until the walls of the containers begin to creak if you hold them with your fingers. This will mean that we washed off all the detergent and the hrenoder will be without any flavor of flavoring and chemistry. We put the container with the lids upside down on a clean cloth towel and leave to dry for a while.

Step 2: prepare the tomatoes.

Rinse the tomatoes thoroughly under running water and put them on a cutting board. Using a knife, cut the vegetables into two parts. From each half we cut out the place to which the tail was attached. Now grind the components in pieces and transfer to a medium bowl.

Step 3: prepare the horseradish root.

We wash the root under running water and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, peel the horseradish from the skin and then cut into small pieces. The crushed component is moved to a clean plate and temporarily set aside.

Step 4: prepare the garlic.

We spread the garlic on a cutting board and, using a knife, we separate the cloves from the head. Then each is lightly pressed with the tip of the inventory and peeled. If desired, the component can be washed under running water. Now put the garlic on a clean plate and start cooking hot sauce.

Step 5: prepare a horseradish hrenodor.

In a blender bowl, spread the crushed horseradish root and half of the total number of pieces of tomatoes. We grind all the ingredients at high speed until a homogeneous mass is formed. Attention: tomatoes should turn into real tomato puree. Immediately after that, pour everything into a large bowl, and put the rest of the tomatoes and garlic cloves into the blender bowl. Again, grind everything at high speed until smooth.

Pour the mixture into a common container, add salt, sugar and vinegar here, and using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly.

With the help of a scoop, we move the hrenoder into clean liter glass jars, tightly close it with metal lids and set it in the refrigerator for one night.

Step 6: serve the horseradish with vinegar.

We take out the finished hrenoder from the refrigerator and use a tablespoon to spread it in a deep bowl. This sauce can be served at the dinner table with fried potatoes, baked meat or fish, as well as other cold dishes. An interesting taste is obtained if you add it to the jelly or smear them with a saltison. In a word, if you like spicy hot sauces, then you will definitely find a use for them and get the most out of your meal.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- If you didn’t have a blender at hand, do not be discouraged, because this electrical appliance can be replaced with a conventional meat grinder. The only things worth paying attention to when chopping horseradish. Since the root is very burning, it can even affect the nasal mucosa and eyes. Therefore, before acting, it is worth putting on a sleeve of a meat grinder an ordinary food plastic bag and be sure to tie it. After that, as all the vapors go away, it will be possible to remove the bowl and carefully pour the contents into a deep bowl;

- based on the number of ingredients specified in the recipe, instead of a burning root, you can use 100 grams of ready-made table horseradish. Thus, you will ease your task, but the sauce may turn out to be less spicy and not as useful as from a fresh component;

- Hrenoder can be stored in the cellar. The main thing is that the room has a low temperature and direct sunlight does not fall. Thanks to vinegar, we will avoid souring and preserve the sauce, so you can not worry and do not exclude other storage options, in addition to the refrigerator.